Frequently Asked Questions


At Code Green Solutions your peace of mind is paramount to us, and we’re here to help, when you need it the most. We’ll decontaminate your property in no time, in the right way, with the correct equipment, to keep your future secure.

Methamphetamine decontamination is a complex process, so here are some of the most common questions we’re asked. If the answer isn’t here, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. 

What to do if you think your property is contaminated.

  • Testing
    If you think your property is contaminated, the first step is to get the property tested to determine the presence, level and extent of contamination. This involves taking a sample of various areas within the home to determine the level of contamination. Each sample is sealed into individual bags and sent to the laboratory for analysis.
  • Investigation report
    Using the information in your lab report or a property meth sampling report and a visit to your property by one of our Decontamination experts, we’ll create a site-specific remediation and hazardous waste removal plan for your property.
    If you have received your laboratory report, get in touch with us for a quote. 
  • Decontamination
    Decontaminating homes with levels of methamphetamine is our business and we’re experts at it. From removal of carpets and other contaminated material, to the use of our environmentally sustainable meth remover, we’ll rid your home of any meth residue and remove any hazardous waste. 
  • Re-testing
    All remediation work is followed by re-testing the property, which we can arrange for you, through our trusted tester referral network. We’ll provide you with a summary confirming that your property is safe and fit for re-occupation in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines for methamphetamine decontamination.

If my property is vacant, can you start the decontamination process straight away.

If however, the property is occupied, the tenants need to be relocated or must leave during the contamination process.

What is the cost of decontamination

Meth testing and decontamination probably costs less than you think, and it’s a small price to pay to protect your future.

At Code Green Solutions, we use the latest products and technology to decontaminate your property in a quick, simple and effective way. This means that it’s also economical. And if you prefer, we’re happy to work directly with your insurance provider.  

What are the requirements for meth clean up?

While most hard surfaces can be decontaminated, soft porous items must be removed. Once we’ve completed the decontamination, all rooms, HVAC systems, and all hard items that were part of the decontamination work plan will be tested. If levels in the property do not exceed 1.5ug/100cm2 in high-use areas and 3.8ug/100cm2 in limited-use areas, complying with Standards New Zealand NZS 8510:2017 then the property will be safe to re-occupy.

What stays and what goes when my property is decontaminated?

Most hard non-porous items can be decontaminated, e.g. sheet rocked walls and ceiling, subfloors, hard surface flooring, doors, cabinets, countertops, metal ductwork, and furnaces.

Most if not all porous items will be removed and disposed of including carpets, carpet pads, drop ceiling tiles, acoustical ceiling tiles, insulated ductwork, and exposed insulation.

What happens if my rental property tests positive for meth?

The first step is to make sure everyone is safe. You then need to check whether the damage is covered by your insurance. The best idea is to contact your insurance company as many providers are making changes in this area at the moment.

Need help understanding your lab report?

Lab reports can be confusing, and understanding current standards can be a minefield, so let us steer you in the right direction. We are more than happy to talk you through your lab test report as we understand how confusing these can be. And the best part is, this is a free service from one of our Code Green Solutions experts.

If you think the test hasn’t been done correctly, we can also offer names of trusted testers or testing agencies, to give you peace of mind that the test has been performed using the correct NIOSH 9111 testing procedures.

How to keep my property meth free

If you’re a landlord or property manager, you should always get a professional meth test done at the beginning and end of your tenant’s occupancy. This will tell you if your tenants have been cooking or using meth and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You should also regularly check for signs of meth use or manufacture during and between tenancies. If you’re a property manager, you’ll be performing quarterly inspections, so keep an eye out for any of the danger signs.

As an owner or agent, it’s important that you take extra care with the vetting of tenants. The ideal time to get a professional meth test done is in between tenancies, as this ensures the house is safe for your new tenants, plus it gives you an indication of when the problem began, if something happens down the track. Taking photos at this stage is also advised so you can show the condition of the property at various times. This will be a huge advantage when raising any insurance claims due to meth. Of course if you suspect anything during the tenancy, getting a test done as soon as possible is advisable.