Don’t let meth scare you off investing


If you’ve ever managed to escape buying a meth contaminated property, you’re probably thanking your lucky stars. But does meth contamination automatically make a property a bad investment? Not necessarily. Here are some facts that can help you decide what to do when faced with a contaminated property.

  • It’s difficult to distinguish between meth used recreationally versus a lab, unless you actually uncover the meth lab itself.
  • This means you can only make assumptions based on the test results received, although your testing company can help with any questions you have.
  • In general, residues left from smoking are lower risk, while labs create a higher risk environment due to the range of nasty chemicals used and the danger of inhaling solvent vapours.
  • If contamination is found to be from personal use only, you could find that the LIM, valuation or insurance cover, has no adverse effects.
  • A robust decontamination process done by a credible, certified decontamination company does take time and can be costly, but it will return your home to full health.
  • A good operator will also dispose of the hazardous waste stripped from the property, and take a realistic approach to decontamination.
  • Finally, where contamination is only just above the recommended levels, you may find all that’s required is a chemical clean.

If you’re searching for a home, don’t immediately discount a meth contaminated property. Take the time to research the options. A healthy home could be just around the corner.