Summer is here and so is recreational meth use

Summer is in the air - and in the temperature - as the December heat has been blazing. This time of year is when Kiwis are on the move, to visit relatives overseas or to take the chance for a tropical holiday. For those who own holiday homes or properties in areas of high demand, a good way to pay off the Christmas expenditure is to rent your property as a short term let over the break. Some people in sought after locations such as Mount Maunganui even take this opportunity to rent out their home while they stay nearby in a caravan.

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Meth goes mobile as cooks become even cannier

In April, the University of Auckland released a study into the meth ‘hot-spots’ around the country where P labs are more likely to be found. Taking out the top five were Helensville, Herekino (North), Hamilton Central, Opanuku (West Auckland) and Newton (Central Auckland).

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Jacinda, how do you solve a problem like Meth?

After weeks of waiting, we finally have confirmation of who will lead the nation, with a Labour-New Zealand First government, supported by the Greens. Jacinda Arden has indicated that most of Labour’s first 100 days programme of work has remained intact, with a few minor changes.

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Meth and crayfish: two degrees of seperation

That’s a headline not many of us probably thought we’d ever see, but crayfish and methamphetamine established a connection recently with the Northland theft of a large quantity of crayfish believed to have been intended for trade with Auckland gangs in exchange for P.

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New standards create clarity in meth haze

New standards released on 29 June by Standards New Zealand give clearer guidance on the decontamination of meth-affected properties. This is good news for property owners and has been welcomed by those in the industry who are making Kiwi homes safe to occupy. Property owners will now benefit from standards being set around screening, sampling, testing, decontamination and disposal. The new rules apply to properties used as make-shift laboratories for the illicit manufacture of meth, as well as properties contaminated by meth use.

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The Wild West of Meth Decontamination

Home based meth manufacturers aren’t the only ones benefitting from the meth epidemic. Over the last 12 months there has been an explosion of new companies purporting to be decontamination experts. Some of these cowboys are as shady as the cooks themselves and market themselves as experts after just one day’s training. These operators haven’t completed the correct training procedures, nor are they knowledgeable about Ministry of Health guidelines. Code Green’s team have undergone an extensive two weeks of training in Salt Lake City, Utah, so they understand the full process involved in decontaminating a home, including the procedures, documentation and steps involved. This means they have the knowledge required to carry out the correct

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