Meth Decontamination


Methamphetamine contaminated properties can pose health risks to you, particularly young children, as well as damaging effects on your property.

Your property is deemed unsafe if presence of methamphetamine exceeds levels of 1.5micrograms/100cm in high-use areas and 3.8micrograms/100cm in limited-use areas.

We provide methamphetamine decontamination services whereby we clean your property and remove methamphetamine contaminated materials where required, eliminating health risk and making your property safe to reoccupy.

Our service includes:

·    Scope of Works

·    Removal of waste at approved hazardous waste facility

·    Restoring your property in accordance with the New Zealand standard NZS 8510: 2017

·    Post-decontamination report

·    Clearance report and certificate

·    On-going communication and support

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Methamphetamine decontamination process

Step 1 – Site assessment

After initial contact with you, our decontamination expert will visit your property to access the critical information required to generate a quote and scope of work.

Step 2 – Free quote

A free quote is generated from the Detailed Assessment Report received from your methamphetamine sampling technician and we then do our site inspection. This quote will give you a basic understanding of the decontamination process specific to your property, as well as associated costs.

Step 3 – Scope of work

The scope of work will reference your methamphetamine test results and other information obtained during the detailed assessment. It will describe the health and safety measures we’ll undertake and also the decontamination methods proposed for your property.


Step 4 – Decontaminate

- All areas of the property will be ventilated before, during and after decontamination works
- Items that require cleaning will be isolated, those that require disposal will be removed and disposed of at an approved facility
- Ventilation systems and heat pumps will be checked
- Interior surfaces will be vacuumed using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter vacuum
- All interior surfaces will be cleaned
- Contaminated water will be disposed of
- Plumbing traps will be flushed
- Structural surfaces will be encapsulated where required
- Waste disposal will take place

Step 5 – Post decontamination report

After the decontamination process is completed a post decontamination report is compiled. This includes a summary of the scope of work and/or any variations, confirmation that the decontamination works were completed, and outline waste management procedures and encapsulation details where required.

Step 6 – Post decontamination sampling

Please contact your methamphetamine sampling technician for post decontamination sampling. The results generated will show you if the decontamination has been effective, to certify that methamphetamine levels do not exceed the limits.

Step 6 – Clearance report and certificate

Once you’ve received the post decontamination report from your accredited sampling technician stating that the decontamination has reduced methamphetamine to a level at or below the limits, we will issue a clearance report and certificate.


Best in products and equipment

We only use the best equipment and products within the industry. Our products are specifically effective for removing methamphetamine, have no long-term adverse effects, and are environmentally friendly.



We don't stop there


Decontaminating your property may be the tip of the iceberg, so if you’re interested in reinstatement or renovation work, we can help there too. We can include this in our remediation plan, which will outline the work you could do after decontamination. This could include renovations, insulation installation, or painting and encapsulation works.

If the decontamination is severe, this may be a good opportunity to renovate and add value to your property by modernising your layout or even enhancing your indoor/outdoor flow. Severely contaminated properties may require some wall lining to come down, so this could form the base for your renovation work. 


Why call Code Green Solutions



We do things right, first time and on time. A fast response and quick decontamination process is crucial when it comes to meth.


We understand your need for discretion, so our staff use unbranded vehicles. Your neighbours will never know we’re here.


Our highly trained decontamination team are specialists in their field and undergo frequent training, and our Bay of Plenty Operations Manager has even been trained by Apple Environmental Meth Remover themselves in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Our team are highly educated about current Ministry of Health guidelines and remediation procedures. They are qualified in meth awareness, meth decontamination and are HSNO approved handlers. 


Within the team, we have a wealth of expertise and experience, including chemical handling, spill management and security awareness training. Our commitment to you is that we’ll supply the best people, with the right skills, for the job. 

Environmentally safe

We dispose contaminated materials safely and properly through approved hazardous waste transporters and facilities. 


Our focus is on methamphetamine decontamination, so we don’t test for meth. We believe there’s a conflict of interest in providing both services, but we’re happy to recommend trusted and reliable testers if required.

Go over and above

If you’re interested in taking this opportunity to renovate your property, we can help there too, from adding insulation, a new paint job or even project managing the renovation process. 


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