Rene England
Director and Operations Manager - Bay of Plenty

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Rene has extensive experience in a range of disciplines, including construction, engineering, chemical handling and spill management, asbestos awareness, security, firefighting, methamphetamine testing and decontamination.

A military background in the combat corps taught Rene the importance of structure, discipline and attention to detail, and his exceptionally high standards mean he pursues excellence in every task.

Rene believes in hard work and is always looking for a challenge, focusing on achieving goals through the power of team effort and comradeship.

Helping New Zealanders to live a safe and healthy life is a strong part of Rene’s purpose, and he is committed to improving health and safety, environmental and quality standards, in and out of the workplace. Through his work, Rene focuses on educating people with a better understanding of everyday hazards and the best methods to prevent them.

Garry Gill
Operations Manager - Auckland

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With 25 years’ experience in the UK building industry, running his own business, Garry has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to construction, project management and the importance of safe homes.

When he returned to New Zealand, Garry began to realise the seriousness of methamphetamine use in our society, including the effect it has on housing. The severity of the problem led Garry to complete an intensive course with Amdecon, as well as the meth sampler and decontamination courses with cleaning systems, plus an additional asbestos awareness course. These complement Garry’s site safe supervisor and hazardous goods approved handler courses, to make him one of the more qualified operators in the market.

Garry’s skills and experience are paired with an outstanding work ethic, and a strong reputation of always delivering what he has set out to do, on schedule and to a high standard.